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Did you ever dream about a dream wedding, with a beautiful location like Sicily? Or do you want to organize your meeting, convention or presentation of products planned in every detail? We are able to help you, providing you with all our professionality and experience.

We plan and organize in first person every phase of the creative and executive process of every kind of events, with the aim to realise a unique and unforgettable moment, that keeps alive in each mind of the guests. We can provide efficient solutions for every kind of services which you may need, thanks to our network of professional members.


With refinance and elegance, we will join innovation and tradition. Thanks to the collaboration of make-up artists, hair designer and stylists we will choose together your dress and the best accessories to make you the main character of the best day of your life. In addition, we will help you choose the dresses of the bridesmaids and the family too, so everyone will perfect that day in their outfits.

The scented and coloured flowers will be protagonists of the best day of your life, your “yes”, and your celebration party. the flowers, as Happy, romantic, silent protagonists, embrace the warm and sweet atmosphere of the wedding. We will able to suggest you in the best way to create a magic atmosphere and make it perfect.

The announcement gives officiality to the date of marriage and makes possible to the addressee to participate in the ceremony. With the invitation, the addressee can take part in refreshment or banquet. The announcements are the “business card” of the wedding, and for this reason, it has to be really accurate: elegant, original, and at the same time simple. We will create an announcement card which tells your love story, coordinated with the whole event, leaving your guests astonished by the attention for details.

Celebrating your wedding outdoor, in fashion location full of history and meaningful, is a choice shared by a lot of couples which wish to organize the event in a personal setting. Old villas, country house, abodes surrounded by luxury parch and amazing garden are at the same time part of UNESCO’s heritage and the perfect context for your wedding day.
We will help you in choosing the perfect location, based on your need and taste, and will pay attention to every detail to make the location even more magic.

In collaboration with high qualified partners of the field, we study for you and with you customized proposals. It gives free rein to the fantasy and creativity of pastry cook and designer, which will make unique and unforgettable the ending part of the event, realizing every wish of the couple.
You may create, with our support, customized wedding cake in harmony with the chosen theme, and with the style or with your personal taste.

The party favours and comfits of a wedding are important symbols. On one hand, they are the memories of the wedding day spent together. On the other hand, is a way to thank the guests for their presence and gifts. Usually is a very hard task choosing an original and elegant party favour, but we will help you, suggesting something that will surprise your guests and be useful at the same time. Furthermore, we will organize some comfits both at home and at the restaurant, to make sweeter your event.

The wedding list, as the ceremony, is able to describe in a good way who you are, you have not to thinks that it will be only a list of objects that you need. Usually, find what is for you require a lot of time and energy, and sometimes there are a lot of wrong choices. For this reason, we will be next to you to suggest the best solutions for you, for saving you energy and time.

Our cars, elegant, sportive and classic, will bring you to any kind of event. The vintage cars for weddings, a gift, an unforgettable day, a weekend with your lover or the inauguration of your activity. At last every princess need her carriage.

The photos and videos of the weeding let you live again and catch the emotions and feelings of the wedding days. Many objects are put aside into a cupboard and carefully safe: the dress, the accessories, the dried bouquet, the wedding booklet, the menu, but which let you revive the, also with family and friends, the emotions of that day is the album and the video of marriage. We will help to make this memory as beautiful as possible thanks to professional partner.

The wedding is above all a party! Both in church and at the banquet have to be a funny. The celebration drags everyone when the music start! This are the details that will make your party unforgettable. Our network of professionals let you choose between different solutions of entertainment customizable, based on your personal taste and the theme of your wedding.

The last night before wedding must be an all-female/male night, to organize with your tightest friends. There are many possibilities and all valid choices, a dinner in a good restaurant or at home, in a traditional local or to the disco, or more extreme, a travel or a journey out of the door. We will help you to organize the best event for you.

The engagement party reflects the style of your wedding. To a simple and modern wedding is essential a private dinner in a fancy restaurant together with family and friends. If you want to organize an “Italian style” party in a big reception hall with a hundred of guests, you must be sure that your invitation will enough up to the standard and we will suggest you how to do it.

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