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Ragusa is the southernmost main town of Italy. With 18 sites declared World’s heritage by UNESCO, Ragusa is one of the most important destinations, Ragusa Ibla placed at the top of the hill, looking over the near valley with it’s narrow streets and magnificent. is the old part of Ragusa

Ragusa ibla is the old town of Ragusa, placed at the top of the hill, looking over the near valley with its narrow streets and magnificent. The little borgo of Ibla, located/placed on the top of a hill, over the near valley, with its little houses, narrow streets and the magnificent Duomo of S.Giorgio, maximum expression of Ibleo Baroque. Ragusa ibla is become one of the best touristic destinations of Sicily, during the last years. However, Ragusa isn’t only Baroque, but also beautiful beaches in Marina di Ragusa, nature, festivals, cultural events, food and wine and more.


What to see in Ragusa

The cathedral of Ragusa is been designed in 1760 by two local architects. Situated in Piazza S.Giovanni, it presents a wide front, with beautiful baroque decorations and mighty columns, in addition to a vast door. The internal structure is divided into three aisles and outside there is a high bell tower.

Santa Maria Delle Scale is a building of the XIV century, heavy damaged by the earthquake of 1693 and restored after in Baroque style. It keeps some typical features/characteristics of the original building, as the door and the four gothic chapels. The view that you will enjoy from there deserves more than a single photo.

What to see in Ragusa Ibla

The way down that leads from the “new” city forward Ragusa Ibla, the old town, may be performed on foot, thanks to the old street that links it to the upper city, through a pedestrian path made up of 340 steps. During the way down you can enjoy a unique view, in particular at evening, with street lamps that light up the narrow streets and the houses built each one above the other on the side of the hill: it will seem like to be in front a nativity scene.
The Duomo of San Giorgio is the mightiest monument of Ragusa Ibla e an unquestionable jewel of the Sicilian Baroque. Preceded by a wide staircase, the front is rich of baroque decorations, but is mighty structure seems to have some gothic characteristics. Piazza Pola is connected to the Piazza Duomo through Corso XXV Aprile, a wide and well-lit street, with many shops and elegant palaces. On the square, there is the Chiesa of San Giuseppe that partly reproduce some architectonic elements of the Duomo. A warm suggest: lose yourself among the alleys and the fascinating atmosphere of the Borgo and discover the many nobiliary palaces
Ragusa will reserve you amazing surprises, we have spoiled only a few of them.

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The main guidelines for the road of Ragusa are:

  • Strada statale 115 Sud Occidentale Sicula
  • Strada statale 115 Sud Occidentale Sicula
  • Strada statale 194 Ragusana
  • Strada statale 514 di Chiaramonte
  • Strada Provinciale 25 Ragusa – Marina di Ragusa

In the municipality of Ragusa is included the marina of Marina di Ragusa.
The airport of Comiso is the nearest (15 Km far away) and is also easily reaching the airport of Catania.

Portale di San Giorgio
Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista
Duomo di San Giorgio
Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Itria
Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Scale
Chiesa di San Filippo Neri
Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli
Chiesa delle Santissime Anime del Purgatorio
Chiesa di San Giuseppe
Convento e chiesa di Santa Maria del Gesù
Convento e chiesa di San Francesco all’Immacolata
Chiesa di San Vincenzo Ferreri
Palazzo Zacco
Palazzo Schininà di Sant’Elia
Palazzo Sortino-Trono
Palazzo Bertini
Palazzo Nicastro
Palazzo Cosentini
Palazzo La Rocca
Palazzo Battaglia
Circolo di conversazione
Porta Walter o Porta Vattiri
Mura Bizantine
Torre Cabrera di Marina
Castello di Donnafugata
Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Nuovo
Ponte Papa Giovanni XXIII
Riserva naturale macchia foresta del fiume Irminio
Riserva naturale integrale Cava Randello
Demanio forestale Calaforno

San Giorgio (ultima settimana di maggio a Ragusa Ibla)
San Giovanni Battista (29 agosto a Ragusa superiore)
Addio all’estate (tra il primo ed il secondo fine settimana del mese settembre a Marina di Ragusa)
Ibla Buskers (tra il primo ed il secondo fine settimana del mese Settembre a Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa foto festival (tutto il mese di Luglio a Ragusa Ibla)
A tutto volume (secondo fine settimana di Giugno)
Ibla grand prize (terza o quarta settimana di Luglio a Ragusa Ibla)
Ibla Street Food (9-10 Settembre a Ragusa Ibla)

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